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Visual Marketing

Visual Marketing

Print + Online Design

  • Development and modernization of corporate designs
  • Conception and production of marketing material (corporate brochures, product information, catalogues, electronic media, etc.)
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Customer Magazines and Newsletters
  • Film and Photography
  • Web Design

3D and Film
Films are ideal for helping you to market your brand and to deliver your message. Films highlight your company’s products or show complex technological connections between processes and solutions, in a short but precise fashion.

TEMA produces films in every language, overseeing everything from the script to the final product:

  • 3D Animation and visualization
  • Image, product and industry films
  • Motion graphics, explanatory films
  • Training and scientific films
  • Ad walks, Info-Screens
  • Commercials, cinema ads and radio spots
  • Reports, quotes, video messages

Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is the next big wave of visualization which allows viewers to be immersed in a conceptualized and customized environment.

The technology can be used:

  • in product development
  • in marketing and sales
  • in education
  • in service

TEMA produces tailor-made VR applications for:

  • Implementation of virtual reality workshops in project entry
  • Conception
  • Development and programming
  • Advice on buying and renting suitable hardware

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